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Since working with Monica I have lost weight, learnt how to look after myself with good nutrition and the right amount of exercise. I’ve learnt how to love myself. I am much less stressed, more patience and happier. I no longer worry about what others think, what I think I look like, what I am going to wear and what I am going to eat.

You will get more out of working with her than you ever imagined. She will make sure you succeed, she wants you to succeed. Having her hold your hand through the process makes that possible.

Kadambari (age 17), July 2017

For many years I have suffered with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) and have struggled with acidity, indigestion, mouth ulcers and cough - I did not really understand the great impact food has on my disease.

Monica was able to provide a dietary plan that has helped me to manage my illness. As a result I feel I have more energy and have even lost some weight.

Priyadarshini (age 46), October 2017

I highly recommend Monica. I feel so much better. I had tried several diets from books but it didn't work.

Kanika (age 28), March 2018

I had a really positive experience with Monica's diet. Owing to her efforts, I lost 8 kilos without losing any glow on my face. In spite of having thyroid and Polycystic Ovarian Disease, I was able to reduce my weight. It was really good working with Monica as she helped me lost my weight without any trouble.

Neelu (age 36), March 2018

I visited Monica at the start of 2018 having suffered with Diabetes for 10+ years. Whilst my condition was stable under medication, I wanted other solutions to help nullify this problem.  I wanted a natural approach to help my general well-being.

Monica's approach was both thorough and considered. We started to adjust my diet slowly. Now four months later I don't have high blood sugar and my medication has reduced considerably. It has been a life changing process. Monica has been extremely supportive and her guidance through the months has been reassuring, clearly with positive results. 

Harinder (age 62), April 2018

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