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7 Health Benefits of OATS & More - Nutrition Coach

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

Health Benefits of Oats

Oats have become a trend in the realm of high nutrition food. They are in fact a cereal grain which is nutrient rich and loaded with a number of advantageous health benefits such as:

  • Reduces cholesterol,

  • Controls blood glucose levels,

  • Keeps in check blood pressure

  • Reduce cardiovascular risk through the antioxidants present

  • Lowers risk of colorectal cancer

  • Reduces constipation

  • Reduces obesity

Please note that there is a difference between consumption of unprocessed oats and the packaged ones.

The home cooked unprocessed oats take much longer to cook but retain their original nutritional value. Packaged oatmeal (breakfast cereal) also known as instant oatmeal takes less time to cook due to processing it undergoes but loses its nutritional value.

Unprocessed oats take longer to get digested providing higher satiety, therefore reducing food cravings keeping your weight in check. Packaged oatmeal is easily digested, leading to frequent hunger pangs.

Unprocessed oats have lower glycemic index as compared to processed oatmeal. Thus, the former are more suitable and recommended for diabetics.

Unprocessed oats require accompaniments such as fruits to be served with it.

Processed oatmeal has preservatives, flavorings and sweeteners to make it appetizing, leading to increased consumption, hence a higher calorie count.

Faster cooking is not always the better and the greater.

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