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About Monica



Weight Loss


Glowing Skin


Digestive wellness (Bloating & Acidity)

Food allergies & intolerance



Fatty Liver

Kidney Stones

My Story

Monica has taught Nutrition in premier colleges across Haryana as well as in Government Home Science College, Chandigarh for over 30 years. Besides disseminating knowledge and at the same time being ardent learner, Monica has organized and participated in various workshops, seminars and conferences both at national and international levels in the arenas of Foods and Nutrition. She has presented various research papers related to diet, public health, lifestyle and wellness at national and international conferences in Argentina, the United Kingdom as well as in Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore. She has also carried out project related to anaemia, a public health problem among peri-urban children of Chandigarh which was funded by Department of Science and Technology (DST). Furthermore, she has also co-authored a book: 'Type 2 Diabetes: Quality of Life and Mode of Medication. Monica has supervised more than 40 researches and has various papers and chapters published in nationally and internationally acclaimed journals and books to her credit. She is currently a practicing nutritionist not only for weight loss but also for diseased conditions paving way for holistic healing process.

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